The Ultimate Guide to Leveling Up in Flyff

Flyff, or Fly For Fun, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) originally developed by Aeonsoft and later transferred to Gala Lab Corp. Since its release in 2005, Flyff has garnered a dedicated player base due to its unique features such as flying, job changes, and guild systems. However, it is essential to level up in Flyff to fully enjoy and explore its contents. Here’s the ultimate guide to leveling up in Flyff.

1. Choose a Class

Flyff has four primary classes: Acrobat, Assist, Magician, and Mercenary. Each has different skills and abilities that cater to specific playstyles. For example, Acrobats specialize in agility and mobility and can fly longer and faster than other classes, while Magicians focus on spellcasting and range attacks. Before starting your journey, choose the class that suits your preferences and gameplay.

2. Follow the Main Quests

Flyff has a vast world with a variety of quests. However, to level up faster, it is best to follow the main quests indicated by the Guide Quest NPC. These quests are essential to the storyline and provide rewards such as giant experience points (EXP), Penyata points, and items. Additionally, following the main quests flyff Leveling allows you to unlock new areas and dungeons that offer more valuable rewards and tougher challenges.

3. Join a Guild

Joining a guild in Flyff is beneficial as it provides ways to level up faster and access to guild-exclusive items and content. Guilds can participate in Siege and Guild War events, Level Up events, and have access to Guild Buffs, which provide stat boosts that help increase damage and defense. Guilds also offer an opportunity to communicate and cooperate with other players who have similar interests.

4. Participate in Events

Flyff regularly hosts events that reward players with significant EXP, items, and other goodies that aid in leveling up. Events such as Level Up events, Login events, and GM events provide opportunities to win rare items, Wing Coupons, Upgrade Scrolls, and even pets. Participating in these events not only provides valuable rewards but also allows players to get to know the game better.

5. Upgrade Your Equipment

Upgrading your equipment is an excellent way to increase your character’s damage and defense attributes. Equipment can be enhanced using Upgrade Scrolls and Blessing of Barunas obtained from dungeons, monster drops, or events. Furthermore, equipment can be improved by using gems obtained by dismantling other equipment. Upgrade your equipment regularly to keep up with the game’s difficulty curve.

6. Party Up

Partying up with other players provides a significant boost to leveling up in Flyff. The more players in the party, the more EXP is shared among them. Additionally, parties can tackle tougher dungeons and bosses compared to soloing. Try to join parties that match your level and class for maximum efficiency.

7. Use Blessings

Flyff has a unique feature called Blessings that provide buffs that help in leveling up. Blessings can be obtained from NPCs by offering items or Penyata points. Blessings such as Rhisis’ Charity and Rhisis’ Strength provide significant EXP and ATK boosts, respectively. Use Blessings wisely to maximize their effects.

8. Gain Penyata Points

Penyata points are a form of currency in Flyff that can be obtained by completing quests, hunting monsters, and participating in events. Penyata points can be used to purchase items such as equipment, Upgrade Scrolls, and Blessings from NPCs. Save up Penyata points to purchase items that aid in leveling up quickly.

9. Seek Guidance

Flyff can be overwhelming for new players, and seeking guidance is vital in leveling up efficiently. Joining a veteran player’s party or asking questions in the community chat can provide valuable information and tips. There are also resources such as FlyFF World, a database of Flyff’s items, quests, and monsters. Seek guidance to fully experience the game’s content.


Leveling up in Flyff requires time, effort, and strategy. However, following these tips can help you level up quickly and efficiently. Choose a class, follow the main quests, join a guild, participate in events, upgrade your equipment, party up, use Blessings, gain Penyata points, and seek guidance. With these tips, you can maximize your Flyff experience and reach new heights.